Modern Greeks are not white

NEWSFLASH! Modern Greeks Still Not White!

Published On October 28, 2016 | By Obadiah 1:18 | Articles

The above is a photo of pro-white activist Matthew Heimbach (on the right) with a representative of Golden Dawn, whose name I know not. Put aside all of the warm, fuzzy feelings you may have for Golden Dawn and what it’s doing on behalf of Greeks living in Greece for a moment and answer me this: does the guy on the left look white to you?

To help you answer the question with the clinical honesty it demands, imagine you saw a picture of that guy standing alone and had no idea he was a member of Golden Dawn or that he was even Greek. What would your answer be then?

He sure as holes in socks doesn’t look white to me, but there are plenty of people in White Nationalism and alarmingly a few in Christian Identity who would call me names and accuse me of trying to derail “The Movement” (like, it needs my help) for daring to question the purity of his golden DNA.

So which of this Greek gent’s physical traits leaves you in no doubt that he’s as white as a fluorescent tube in a coal mine?

Is it his swarthy complexion?

The charcoal bands around his eyes?

The forest of black hairs on his arms?

If you think I’ve selected the least white-looking member of Golden Dawn to establish my wildly unpopular contention that almost all modern Greeks are only twelve karats, do a Google image search of the term “golden dawn party” (with quotes) and check out the results.

What you’ll see is images like this:


And this:


And this:


And this:


I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time zeroing in on any white racial purity among that lot.

Incidentally, that last photo is of a Syrian. But let’s say he was a member of Golden Dawn, would that suddenly make him pristinely white in your eyes? If not, why not, because the average Greek doesn’t look any whiter than he does?

Genuine white heroes are so scarce nowadays that there’s a great temptation for us to laud any ostensibly white public figure who we think espouses at least some of our racist beliefs.

Case in point.

Last year, when Lemmy Kilmister, the throaty lead singer of Motorhead, died and went to rock n roll heaven, many people in the pro-white movement eulogized the hell out of him. Kilmister was an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia, which in their estimation made him pro-white and therefore somebody to be revered.

But in an interview he did on the Talk is Jericho podcast shortly before he joined Elvis and Screaming Lord Sutch, Kilmister admitted that he liked Nazi memorabilia only because of its visual appeal and that he was shacking up with a black woman.

Kilmister, according to that big wet blanket called reality, was a devout hedonist who worshipped the demon drink, took more prohibited substances than the Manson family (Motorhead is slang for speed, as in amphetamine, freak), and slept with over a thousand women, some of whom would have had melanin to burn.

Ol’ nigger-loving Lemmy wasn’t exactly a paragon of white racial virtue. But when I pointed this out to some of his devotees on a popular pro-white blog, they would have none of it. As far as they were concerned, he was a White Nationalist saint, and reality could go forth and do what he did to one-thousand-plus women.

Lemmy's pro-white girlfriend

Lemmy and his pro-white girlfriend

Trying to make eye fillet out of a horse’s ass is never a good idea, but trying to make vanilla ice-cream out of its manure is an even worse one.

Which brings us back to Golden Dawn.

Most White Nationalists cling to the strong delusion that the members of Golden Dawn and by extension modern Greeks as a whole must be white because Golden Dawn is doing the kind of things for its people that we ought to be doing for ours.

But since when did nationalistic fervor equate to white racial purity?

Are Chinese, Pakistani, and Somali nationalists white because they work for the best interests of their people?

Are Jews white because they want bogus Israel to be a land strictly for Rosemary’s baby times eight million?

It’s true the Greeks were once a white people, but like a butcher’s apron they didn’t stay white.

Two key things led to the fall of their world-conquering DNA.

  1. Endless warfare killed off large numbers of their warrior class, making it impossible for them to defend their borders effectively.
  2. Conquering Turks polluted their gene pool after the usurpation of Constantinople.

And the upshot of all this?

Ancient Greece is known for its seminal achievements in architecture, mathematics, philosophy, literature, politics, and astronomy.

Modern Greece is known for its food and music.

What happened to the Ancient Greeks was not an isolated incident. The Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, and a number of other white peoples also miscegenated their way to the IQ of a lead pipe and got to see their civilizations devolve into Detroit, Michigan as a result.

I reside in Melbourne, Australia, which, to borrow a line from an ethnically incorrect Aussie TV show of the ’70s, is chockers with wogs. Melbourne, I regret to inform you, has the world’s third largest Greek population. (Why the razzin frazzin couldn’t it have had the world’s third largest Swedish population instead?)

I’ve worked with scores of Greeks and seen thousands of them over the years but have yet to encounter a single one I could honestly say was white, unless their dark wiry hair, caramel-colored flesh, and black-button eyes are distinctly Caucasian traits that all the racist literature I’ve read forgot to mention.

Where are all the blonde and redheaded Greeks?

Where are all the Greeks with ruddy alabaster skin and sparkling blue or emerald eyes?

Why is there a lycanthropic uniformity to their physical appearance that is lacking in every other branch of the white race? We don’t see it in the Irish, the Scottish, the Germans, or the Scandinavians, all of whom boast a variety of classic white racial types in their populations and none of whom turns into a werewolf when the moon is full.


The Greek Minister for Sport

Pro-Greek White Nationalists who stumble upon this article in the dark will doubtless go running to Google to find some happy snaps of whiter-looking Greeks to try to prove me wrong and get some validating likes in the comments sections of racist blogs.

Have at it.

Images of white-looking blacks, Asians, and Jews are also easy to come by online.

Maybe somewhere, somehow there are small pockets of Greeks who not only look white but are white. To that I say, so what? They’re not going to breed the glory that was Ancient Greece back into existence, any more than the non-white Greeks are, and the latter would outnumber the former by the same margin that soldier ants outnumber the Tasmanian tiger.

God commands His people, Israel—us white Europeans, not the Jews, if you don’t mind—to be separate from all other peoples (Exodus 33:16, Leviticus 15:31). This is so we won’t couple with non-whites and host shows on the Renegade Broadcasting Network.

You can admire Golden Dawn’s patriotism and bravery under ZOG fire all you want, but your admiration won’t purify their contaminated genetics. By breaking bread with them and doing a fool thing like declaring them white you’re only going to encourage the unenlightened [read: idiots] to hook up with the nearest one and produce more of the same: near Greeks.

The world won’t survive another Demis Roussos.

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  1. Phil says:

    Excellent article! My observations and sentiments exactly! I’m glad you took the time and made the effort to type up your thoughts on this subject

    All the best,

    Phil (from the USA)

    P.S. I just found your blog today. I’ll be back. 🙂

    P.P.S. Never knew motorhead was slang for speed freak. I learn something new each day. 😀

  2. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    Thanks, Phil.

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