Groids Gone Wild!

Published On December 28, 2016 | By Obadiah 1:18 | Articles

About 100 niggers went ape droppings at a McDonald’s in Tarneit this morning. Tarneit is one of those outer suburbs of Melbourne that no one would know anything about if it wasn’t for “youths of African appearance” behaving like “youths of African appearance” there. Maybe these impromptu riots are planned by town councils to put obscure suburbs on the public-awareness map. Why not? Youths work cheap.

Herald Sun

RESIDENTS near a Tarneit McDonald’s where a wild brawl took place overnight say they feel unsafe in the area.


A brawl erupted outside the restaurant last night after youths allegedly tried to damage a number of cars.


Up to 40 youths are believed to be responsible for damaging a number of cars before they began attacking people inside the cars.


Police are investigating the incident.

Shakespeare wrote that the fastest way to stuff up anything is to add niggers to it. (That’s Lorry Shakespeare, the local butcher, not the guy who sang “My Little Angel”. )  You can’t argue with Shakespeare.




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