So You Think Muslims Are Australia’s Biggest Threat?

Published On February 24, 2017 | By Obadiah 1:18 | Articles

Last year, in an episode of Christian Identity Australia, I discussed the real reason behind the Port Arthur Massacre conspiracy: the planned Chinese takeover of Australia. A plan that was activated in the mid-1960s, when the Harold Holt government began de-riveting the White Australia Policy, which had shielded Oz from the cast of How to Get Away with Murder since federation. Not long after, Holt went missing while swimming alone at Cheviot beach, an unruly stretch of water on the Mornington Peninsula. His body was never recovered.

Theories about what happened to him are as plentiful as chink restaurants in Little Bourke Street. These range from his suffering a heart attack and drowning to being spirited away by a Chinese submarine. I’m not sure what the Communist Chinese would have wanted with him, unless it was to teach them how to swim in rough seas—or how not to swim in rough seas. I like to think he was taken by a great white shark that was obsessive-compulsive about masticating its food.

The Port Arthur Massacre gave our government the excuse it needed to take our guns away. Australian politicians on both sides of the imaginary political divide were packing death that we the white public would one day learn that our birthright had been sold for a mess of wonton soup and storm Parliament House in Canberra, looking to commit some serious lead poisoning.

The wicked irony is that our pollies have more to fear from their Chinese benefactors than from us. Once all the pub menus are written in Mandarin, the Chinese are going to embark on a methodical campaign of nixing dissidents and potential troublemakers. Everyone who fails to see the positives in a brutal Chinese dictatorship will be lobotomized by bullet, the cost of which will be invoiced to his or her nearest relative. Politicians will be the first to be lobotomized. Let’s face it, only a fool would trust a bunch of traitors who were falling over themselves to sell out their race and nation, and the Chinese are no fools.

Even today, with each of us looking like the title character of an edition of Where’s Wally? set in Shanghai, the idea that this land is in the final stages of a Chinese invasion that began when “Stayin Alive” was topping the charts is still regarded by most white Aussies as being on the far side of fetched. Besides, we have to oil the wheel that keeps squeaking, “Allahu akbar!” before we worry about the one whispering, “We Chinese your friends, okay?”

No. We don’t.

Granted, Muslims are heaps louder and smellier than the Chinese. Granted, they love blowing the public and themselves to offal with Mohammedan regularity. Granted, they’re turning Europe into a post-apocalyptic movie co-written by the Marquis de Sade and the fall of Constantinople. But they pose nowhere near the same threat. Their paltry IQs, barely higher than a dwarf gibbon’s, and impetuosity are no match for the smarts and calculatedness of our future Asian slave masters. When the time comes, the Chinese will simply napalm mosque-infested areas like Lakemba in the name of better town-planning.

In an interview he did on the alt-pagan podcast Red Ice Radio, Ron Asher, author of In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand, explains how the yellow peril is kicking the kaftan out of the brown peril in New Zealand and Australia. The first hour is free, but the second is available to paying members only. Keep your money. If Odin wants a glass eye, he can bloody well foot the bill himself.



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