Oz Doctors Refuse Unvaccinated Children Medical Treatment

Published On March 8, 2017 | By Obadiah 1:18 | Articles

Some Australian doctors have come down with a nasty case of “Hippocratic Oath? What Hippocratic Oath!” denying unvaccinated children medical treatment to punish their parents for not seeing the many health benefits of monkey pus, aborted fetus tissue, mercury, antifreeze, formaldehyde, aluminium, and a host of other chemical Easter eggs lurking in mass-produced vaccines.

Radio 3AW reports:

Children are being turned away from their GP’s and denied treatment for failing to be fully vaccinated.


A poll by the Royal Children’s Hospital has found one-in-six children who were not up-to-date with their shots had been denied care by a health provider.


Doctor Anthea Rhodes has told 3AW Breakfast to treat all patients equally is part of a practicing oath doctors, nurses and other health providers should practice by.


“Ethically, this is a really concerning outcome to see that children who are, we have to remember as well, are not making this decision themselves to not unvaccinated…”

Doctor Rhodes claims that the dissenting medics are refusing treatment on the grounds that unvaccinated children may infect (presumably) vaccinated children and adults in surgery waiting rooms. An odd thing for them to be worried about when one considers that many of their patients would have an infectious disease of some kind. Rumor—yet to be confirmed—has it that pretty much everyone who rocks up at a doctor’s surgery is either sick or injured. Or maybe they’re just desperate to read year-old coverless copies of New Idea and Cosmopolitan.

Before general practitioners go making cockamamie decisions like this, they need to stop to think where they would be if it wasn’t for the infected. The same place car mechanics would be if it wasn’t for engine trouble.

As is SOP in such matters, the dubious concept of herd immunity was bandied about in an effort to explain why doctors would be so concerned about the health of people who’ve been vaccinated against whatever infectious disease unvaccinated children are supposed to have. What are these all-knowing gods of allopathic medicine trying to tell us, that vaccines aren’t nearly as effective as pharmaceutical company brochures make them out to be? Holy fake medical news, Batman!

Perhaps it’s just the conspiracy theorist in me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that what we’re seeing here are a few test cases of a long-term plan to deny eventually all unvaccinated Australians any form of medical treatment. In the future, we will be given only two choices: vaccinate or die.

But if neither takes our fancy, we should bone up on naturopathy, first aid, and healthy eating. And tell all the death and autism-dealing quacks to go and vaccinate themselves.


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