Across the Street and on the Cprner and Other Forbidden Racist Tales

A Jewish ventriloquist gets a harrowing lesson in revisionist history when he buys a dummy possessed by a fanatical white racist, a lovelorn keyboard commando will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of a strange clique of Celtic beauties, a busload of transsexuals stranded in an outback town turn into flesh-ripping crazies when they run out of female hormones, and it’s Superman meets Kick-Ass meets Zulu meets the Book of Obadiah as the last white superheroes make their final and very bloody stand. These and other hateful, intolerant stories are to be found in this book. Stories guaranteed to make a grown progressive cry, but which are sure to entertain everybody else. Everybody white, that is.

To download the first story, just right click the cover image and select “Save As.” More stories to follow soon.

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