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Any tips on keeping Life of Faith strong during Covid?

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Hey everyone, with covid going on it has been hard to keep faith strong. That events that the pandemic caused really brought me down in faith as it had me question if this was what God wanted and planned for us and if so why would he do it as would keep us away from going to church. I realised that I cannot know what God has planned exactly and I should just trust but it just left my faith in a troubled area.

I've tried multiple things for the past year, like prayer groups, faith discussions, Bible reading and hearing many different sermons but during this time of losing faith it has made me question why I believe in God and how can I understand whether something is from God or just what people interpret. And also other things such as why is there so much division as well in Christianity but there is only one God we should follow. I hope if anyone could share any advice or some words and verses to help put this to rest for me. Thank you for any and all responses.

Obadiah 1:18
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Hi Ric.

Most people tend to ignore a Christian website's statement of faith, thinking that they're all pretty much alike. However, this is one Christian website where you really need to check the statement of faith out, just to make sure that you're comfortable being a member here. For example, we do not preach universalism here. We believe that only members of the pure white race can be Christians.