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Mandatory Vaccines Soon for Oz

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Scott Morrison expects COVID-19 vaccine will be ‘as mandatory as you can possibly make it’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suggested a coronavirus vaccine could be made mandatory when one is found.




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Already commissioned/pre-paid for by that wonderful 'christian' PM - when you get the jab (2x for every man/woman/child), you get the aborted, mutated and cancerous DNA, trojan-horsed directly into your body, along with the colonel's secret 12 special spliced in nasties and a shit load of mercury - all to stop the dreaded "coof-coof"... you know... the one which is ONLY still a problem in non-communist countries?
This is done by directly defeating/bypassing EVERY security checkpoint and border control of your natural immune system, with an untested, designer biological weapon of mass destruction! yay! (We all know how checkpoints and borders work in a crisis, so lets COMPLETELY ignore that fact when it comes to biological science, shall we?)

PLUS, as an added extra, every 40/60? (~50) cents per dollar paid out for the jab, continues to go towards compensation claims and payouts to the many many people critically harmed/killed/permanently disabled by these wonderful marvels of science (vaxxinations).