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Men as Trees

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Ok, so this one is interesting and put the hook in to me when I first read it about 10 or so years ago.

So there was Jesus, healing people left right and center, and along comes this guy who wants to see (blind from birth).

So Jesus (the creator of the UNI-verse) stuffs up and has to take two attempts to heal him... ? -NO.

Christ placed his hand on the man, then asked him "what do you see?" ...
Q: When has Christ ever asked about the effect(iveness) of his own miracle? ... unless THIS instance (there were so many that the disciples said the world could not contain the codexes of the volume of records of Christ's miracles) is important for a reason not apparent on first/casual reading.

The man replies: "I see men, as trees walking"
-Boom! (there is that reference to trees being men again!)

A tree 'walking' means it is NOT rooted (duh) and therefore can not be 'like the trees planted, which bring forth its fruit in its season'...  This means they are outside their proper position in relation to this realm.

Another reference of trees is about FALSE PROPHETS/TEACHERS: they are like jagged rocks just under the water, like clouds that bring no rain, like TREES UPROOTED (fruitless, wandering perhaps? maybe even WALKING?)... Was this man (unknowingly) stating the current affairs of the kingdom being swamped with these false teachers?  ...?

Or maybe Christ was having an bad/off day? (no)... - Either way, it is recorded as fact for our consideration!

Christ then places his hand on the man a second time ... and his sight was 'restored'... (restored from what? a vision... or just blindness?)


Other places about trees mention that the "tallest of the trees" (by the way - the PROUDEST ALSO!) was THERE, in EDEN!! and that he (satan) had the BEASTS OF THE FIELD bear their young under his(satan's) boughs! - satan and his seed's explicit genealogy! (also: is this a reference to dominion over these beasts aka 'savages'/'non spirit breathed' by satan? - I don't know, but it raises questions)

-There you have it, a direct reference, linking the beasts of the field bearing their children to satan himself, via the LINEAGE of Cain.
This relies upon the reference to boughs, trees and fruit/seed found through the Word.

The good news is that this tree gets cut down into short logs (a good size for the Big Oven)