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[Sticky] Pray for a Demographic Shift in Christian Identity

Obadiah 1:18
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One of the things that disappoints me about the Christian Identity Movement is that its average demographic is middle aged or older. At 58 going on 59, I'm a part of that demographic. While it's great that people of my vintage or thereabouts have come to know Yahshua, it's not so great that we represent the majority of Christian Identists.

Christian Identity is suffering a noticeable dearth of young people. This has to change because the future belongs to them, not to those of us with just a decade or maybe two left in which to carry out Yahweh's will, provided we get to live that long and are healthy enough to make a difference.

I hanker for the day when most of the people who call into Christian Identity podcasts aren't croaky old blokes and women but young folk bursting with vim and vigor. I make it a point now to pray that that day is not far off. And I ask you to pray likewise.