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What is the way for a nation to be governed?

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Just wondering and I’ve been pondering it lately, but what is the correct and true way for a nation to be governed and stay close to God?

Living in a world gone mad.

Obadiah 1:18
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For starters, Yahweh's commandments must be made the law of the land. Under His law, sodomy, child murder (abortion), and miscegenation would be criminal offenses. So would usury. The aliens, Jews especially, in our midst would have to be expelled from the land, since Yahweh commands His people to be a separate nation, and the military would have to guard our borders to ensure that no more non-whites crossed them. The penalty for a non-white setting foot on our soil would be death. Women would be discouraged from working outside of the home--that's a man's responsibility--and would not be allowed to hold positions of power over men. Porn, hard drugs, gambling, and the sporting and entertainment industries would be outlawed.