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God Send Us Men (ministry of Charles Steward of the Commonwealth of Israel)

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Everything is free:  books, audio and weekly radio message on Sundays (Listen live at 10:00am CST Sonday mornings / 9:00pm CST Sonday evenings at www.molibertyradio.us 

God Send Us Men <dot> com  -- ( www.godsendusmen.com )

Each msg opens with the ministry's theme song:  GOD SEND US MEN -  
God send us men whose aim ’twill be, Not to defend some ancient creed, But to live out the laws of Christ In every thought and word and deed.
God send us men alert and quick His lofty precepts to translate, Until the laws of Christ become The laws and habits of the state.
God send us men of steadfast will, Patient, courageous, strong and true, With vision clear and mind equipped His will to learn, his work to do.
God send us men with hearts ablaze, All truth to love, all wrong to hate; These are the patriarchs families need; These are the bulwarks of the state.

Audio of Charlie's <a title="Church vs Kingdom (19 part series)" href=" removed link " target="true">Church vs Kingdom Series (part 10-11, of 19)-- where he compares modern day church men to Jews who reject the messiah)

Recommend his msg:  WHO IS JESUS? -- 
This message was the impetus for a life of seeking the Kingdom of Christ and the understanding of the implications of Christ being King - now.. . ."If we are to properly understand and apply the Scriptures in our lives today, there is a fundamental approach to learning that we must grasp and never lose hold of.
"Most readers look at what they are reading from the Bible through a perspective that simply isn't correct. And from that basis, everything they read and even what they feel they comprehend is skewed - and skewed away from what the original intentions of the text were.
" There was a time where He ...suffered (allowed) the nations to walk in their own ways...(Acts 14:16)
... but once He sent His Son, those days were over. THE ONLY KING YAHWEH ALLOWS IS CHRIST. Not only is He King of kings and Lord of lords, but He is the LAST of the Kings that Yahweh allows for His people.
After the resurrection of Christ, no man has an excuse to follow any other authority besides Christ. CHRIST NO LONGER GIVES HIS AUTHORITY to anyone who is not acting in His name (authority). He took all authority back to Himself.
" The kingdoms of this world ARE BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.. Rev 11:15
*** He owns it all. He has taken it all back. Anyone or anything that claims authority over men apart from the Laws, Statutes and Perfect Will of God is anti-Christ.

way-shower of a set-apart nation

Obadiah 1:18
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