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The Inequality of the Races Collection

Obadiah 1:18
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If all races are equal, why are white countries so much better than non-white countries? Why do whites produce the greatest art, literature, and scientific advancements? Why do people of the third world always look to whites for assistance when natural disasters and civil calamities befall their lands? Why are non-whites so eager to emigrate to white countries? Why do countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa crumble into economic and social ruin after whites cede governance to blacks? Why do modern and ancient history and the Bible repeatedly dispel the belief that one race is as good as the next? This book collection answers these questions and more.

The Cult Of Equality
Stuart Omer Landry

The Negro, a Menace to American Civilization
R.W. Shufeldt M.D.

The Color of Crime
Jared Taylor

The Biology of the Race Problem
Professor Wesley C. George

Take Your Choice, Separation or Mongrelization
Theodore G. Bilbo

Race and Politics, the Myth of Racial Equality
H.B. Isherwood

Race Mixing and the Bible
John Herrell

Is Universalism of God?
Charles A. Weisman