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The "Who Is Israel?" Book Collection

Obadiah 1:18
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A belief central to Christian Identity is that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, and kindred people comprise true, biblical Israel. It is more than a belief, however. It is a fact. The books in this list detail the origin of the Israelites and trace their migrations from Palestine to the white European nations they established centuries ago and where they can still be found today. The people commonly known as Jews are not Israelites but Satanic imposters who have conned the world into believing that they are God's chosen people. The authors of some of these books make the cardinal mistake of identifying the Jews as the tribe of Judah. The Jews, being of mixed race and the literal spawn of Satan, are not of that or any other Israelite tribe. Unfortunately, most Anglo-Israel/British Israel authors make this same mistake. The Two Seedlines by Willie Martin will set the reader straight about who the Jews really are.

Abrahamic Covenant
E. Raymond Capt

Tracing Our Ancestors
Frederick Haberman

The Covenant People
William J. Cameron

Israel's Racial Origins and Migrations
W.H. Fasken

British History Traced from Egypt and Palestine
Rev. L.G.A. Robert

Who and Where Are the Lost Ten Tribes?
Reverend John Heslip

The Lost Tribes of Israel or Europe and America in History and in Prophecy
C.L. McCartha

English Derived from Hebrew
R. Govett

Just Who Is This Patriarch, Judah?
Clifton A. Emahiser

An Open Letter to Any Minister Who Teaches "the Jews Are Israel"
Sheldon Emry