Corona Diary


30 March 2020, Oz Time

Just getting over the common cold. Did I say common cold? Bless my soul! I meant, of course, that highly deadly, highly contagious chinky-chonk virus thing you get from eating bats that refuse to self-isolate and use hand sanitizer.

So why am I still among the living?

At 60 years young, I’m in that vulnerable age group that’s supposed to succumb to the virus’ lung-disabling charms. But, apart from some minor sniffles and the urge to cough approximately twice a day, I have nothing much to report symptom-wise. Could coronachan’s skill as a viral assassin have been greatly exaggerated?

Sure appears that way. Most of the Aussie dead are people well-advanced in years with failing immune systems. Something as commonplace as the flu, which has a far better kill rate, can blast them into Sheol as quickly as a howitzer shell.

Still, I’m staying home, out of people’s way until the oriental angel of death spots the blood on my door lintel and moves onto the next residence. By my reckoning, that’ll be a couple of days.

In other news, the Premier, Daniel “Dumbo” Andrews, announced today that stage 3 restrictions would take effect in Victoria from midnight tonight. This means you must stay home unless you have to go to work or buy a box of Cheezels, and you can’t hang out with more than one other person indoors or outdoors. However, and this is a big however, you can hang out with as many family members as you like, provided they live under the same roof as you. Wogs love to cram their homes with family members. Expect them to spread the joy of coronaversity with greater efficacy than whites.

International arrivals to the Garden State are immediately escorted to four- or five-star hotels where they have to spend the next fortnight in solitary confinement, eating tasty meals, watching Netflix and doing the odd bit of flashing from their balcony windows. Cops and burly Middle-Easterners in hi-vis vests ensure they don’t wander outside their plush hellholes.

Yes, it’s martial law. But it’s martial law with style.

Obie and out.


31 March 2020, Oz Time

Don’t mess with NSW coppers or they’ll fine your backside thousands of bucks for leaving home without a license. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll booby-trap your letterbox.

Coronavirus is like the Kardashians. There’s no way anyone would pay it attention if a gigantic publicity machine weren’t shoving it down our gullets 24/7. The fact that every time I switch on the cyclopean propagandist some spokesperson for the virus is telling me why I must take it very seriously, only tells me that I shouldn’t take it seriously at all. The black death and the Spanish flu needed no such advertising, not when millions of the dead and the dying spoke so eloquently of their severity.

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that coronavirus hysteria has doubled gun and ammo sales in Oz. The bad news is that the government has just banned all gun and ammo sales in Oz. I was unaware that until today the average person could still purchase firearms here. Apparently, crack marksman Martin Bryant didn’t shoot enough women and children dead.

There’s been no mention by the news media of muzzie gatherings in mosques. Does this mean that our bomb-chucking, church-burning friends are self isolating like the paragons of civic-mindedness they are? And what about all the Orthodox Jews? Do they have to pray the kol nidre online now?

Drive-in flu-jabbing services are available in Victoria. Now you can trash your immune system without leaving the comfort of your Toyota Corolla.

Obie and out.


1 April 2020, Oz Time

Not much foot traffic in my burb. On my way to the shop today, I encountered but a handful of people. A couple were wogs (non-white Italians) wearing surgical or dust masks. Given the typical homeliness of these mongrels–they’re a cosmopolitan mix of Arab, Jew, and nigger–I’d be much happier if they wore paper bags instead. But a mask is at least a start.

Question: Who is Australia’s biggest and most aggressive racist?

Answer: Our coastline.

The surf that girts our continent has dispatched more Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and Japanese than the 7-year-old superemacist girl in my highly acclaimed (unfinished) novel, The Last White Superheroes. The aliens, mostly tourists, wander recklessly into the brine, little suspecting that an intolerant rip is waiting to drag them to their deaths. I flicked on the TV tonight to see a surf lifesaver coming to the rescue of some Koreans who’d got caught in a rip–twice. I encourage those Koreans to go back to that beach. At night when it’s less crowded.

The Queensland government may make it mandatory for people with coronavirus to wear ankle monitors to ensure they self-isolate with vim and vigor.

Meanwhile, the media has been calling the cops on outdoor gatherings of more than two persons. But only because they care.

Speaking of caring, the British government has made it easier for expectant mothers to maintain a safe distance from their unborn children by enabling them to self-abort at home.

Obie and out.


2 April 2020, Oz Time

Business has been brisk for a brothel in Geelong, Victoria’s second largest city. So brisk it caused a traffic jam. The house of free though pricey love was supposed to have shut down for the sinovirus holiday, but stayed open to assist gents looking for a good spit and a polish. The fun didn’t last long, though. Not after the local constabulary learned of it.

The question is why was the brothel suddenly in such high demand? Did it offer more bang for one’s buck, or did the clients of all the other brothels simply take their business to the only brothel that was still open?

Maybe social-distancing laws have killed the pick-up scene, and guys are now forced to turn to the oldest profession to get within DNA-trading range of a woman. Or maybe they’re just sowing some last-minute wild oats before the pandemic adds them to its death toll.

Don’t ask me.

Obie and out.


3 April 2020, Oz Time

A couple of hours spent fixing a technical problem on the site will ensure that this entry is brief.

Obie and out.


4 April 2020, Oz Time

If news reports are anything to go by, the apocalypse is about to descend on New York City like Haystacks Calhoun on a midget wrestler. The death toll is soaring, vital supplies are dwindling, and hope is fading fast. Seemingly the world’s most multiracial and Jew-populous city is finally getting what’s coming to it. Although whenever I think of NYC getting its just deserts, I think of the ending of Fail Safe. Spoiler alert: BOOOOOOM!

In Sydney, rats have been forced to hunt for food scraps in suburban rubbish bins, now that the once abundant supply of leftovers provided them by city restaurants and takeaway joints has dried up.

Did you know that there are 200 rats for every person in Sydney? So the city’s Chinese residents never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. But there is the small problem of bubonic plague. Nowhere near as serious and worrisome as coronavirus, mind you, but cause for at least some concern.

Happy days are here again.

Obie and out.


5 April 2020, Oz Time

This quote from a report ought to win a Walkley:

A frontline doctor caring for seriously ill coronavirus patients has given a brutally detailed description of what it’s like to die from the virus.

The doctor, who’s since recovered from death, said dying made him run to the toilet a lot and gave him a rash that itched so badly he had to rub Cortisone cream on it.

The Justin Trudeau of the Antipodes, Daniel Andrews, introduced a no-dancing rule late last week that prohibited unmarried couples in Victoria from getting within jigging distance of each other unless they lived in the same house, in which case all clothes were off. Hours later, after copping a backlash from taxpayers anxious to do the rumba, Andrews rescinded the rule. What a piker!

BREAKING PROPHETIC NEWS: Some old person will die of “coronavirus” tomorrow.

Being cooped up inside so long I’m in desperate need of intellectual stimulation. Thank God Leprechaun 3 is on TV tonight.

Obie and out.


6 April 2020, Oz Time

There was a queue a mile long outside the local Coles supermarket. They must have been showing Star Wars. Got most of the stuff I wanted at Woolies. A girl in a face mask in the barriered area outside the entrance spritzed my hands with disinfectant. I said, “Thanks, love,” then walked into the supermarket, picking my nose.

Victoria is now under stage 3 restrictions. There are a number of things you can and cannot do under these restrictions. For example, you’re allowed to have coffee with a friend as long as you do so while exercising. Seriously. The question then is how to do both simultaneously without getting third-degree burns.

You cannot visit places of worship. So spraying swastikas and anti-Jewish sentiments on synagogues is totally not on.

You can stay at your own holiday home. Damn, that’s a bit unfair. I’m staying at somebody else’s and, oh %$#@! the owner’s coming up the drive!

Obie and running


7 April 2020, Oz Time

Either my mobile phone is on the blink or it really is August 22. I kind of hope it is August 22 because that would mean winter was nearly at an end. I hate winter. Pagans longing for the frigid climes of their viking ancestors can have that all to themselves. I want me some warmth and sunshine.

Speaking of pagans, how did White Nationalism become so infested with the buggers? Outside of a Hollywood flick, I’d never even heard of a pagan, much less met one. But that all changed when I became a dedicated follower of Nazism. There are more pagans in the pro-white movement than E. coli in Chinese hamburgers.

I suspect that most are pagans not because they love or even believe in Odin, but because they hate Yahweh and judeo-christianity, which they’ve mistaken for biblical Christianity. Let’s see them call upon their one-eyed god when the Israelis hit the button marked SAMSON OPTION.

The Victoria government must be hiring gag writers to draft its social-distancing rules. For example, you’re not allowed to have a driving lesson unless you have it on the way to the shops or work.

Actually, that’s not a half-bad rule. A driving lesson is much cheaper option than public transport.

Obie and out.


8 April 2020, Oz Time

Word on the street is that stage 4 coronavirus restrictions are fast approaching. What these restrictions entail has not been delineated by our political leaders yet. However, earlier today, an anonymous source provided me with this leaked list of pending restrictions. I cannot confirm its validity.

1. All church services online or offline are banned. Scientologists, however, may conduct theirs offworld.

2. If someone coughs, sneezes, sniffles, splutters, or expectorates in your vicinity, punch him in the face. Alternatively, you may kick him between the legs and then punch him in the face. Be warned that laying the boots in once you get him down is a criminal offense.

3. You must remain 100 meters from everybody at all times, except those whom you punch in the face and/or kick between the legs for reasons outlined in rule no. 2.

4. To ensure you stay physically fit and mentally stimulated during self-isolation, you must spend a minimum of one hour per day looking for fairies at the bottom of your garden.

5. Owing to rule no. 3, you are not allowed to go shopping for food or anything else for that matter. Why would you want to, anyway, now that roving packs of mutants have taken over the streets?

Obie and out.


9 April 2020, Oz Time

Got bailed up by a big Middle-Eastern type today as I stepped through the entrance of Chemist Warehouse to buy some vitamin tablets. He mumbled something incomprehensible, then pointed what looked like a raygun prop from Space 1999 point blank at my forehead. “Are you taking my temperature?” I asked. He nodded, then showed me the raygun’s digital display, which read 34.6 degrees (Celsius). Normal. With his express permission, I proceeded down one of the store’s numerous vitamin supplement aisles, praying fervently that I would somehow, some way find the brand I was after among the 278 other brands on the shelves.

The media and politicians are all singing the same song: life won’t return to normal until a COVID-19 vaccine is available. Being a fully licensed halfwit, I believe everything they say without question and have pre-ordered my vaccination off Amazon. The sooner I’m injected, the sooner I’ll win Powerball and get myself a swimwear-model girlfriend.

Obie and desperate and dateless.


10 April 2020, Oz Time

It’s Good Friday. Foodwise, that means hot cross buns and fish and chips. The pack of six hot cross buns I bought from the supermarket yesterday tasted like air sprinkled with sugar. I gave the fish and chips a miss. Catholics can have the overpopulated fish shop all to themselves. If you’re partaking remember to keep the fish 1.5 meters from the chips.

You know, martial law isn’t all bad.  Melbourne cops fined a bunch of the usual leftists today for protesting the quarantining of refugees and nicked a gathering of Orthodox Jews a second time for praying in the upper room of a shop.

Here’s a hard-hitting question you’ll never hear Tracy Grimshaw ask. Can a Jew spread coronavirus when he hocks a loogie on a church?

Obie and out.


11 April 2020, Oz Time

A guy enters a talent contest. So he walks on stage, and one of the judges says to him, “What are you going to do for us this evening, sir?”

The guy says, “I’m going to play the piano with my feet.”

“With your feet?” the judge says. “Why, that’s absolutely amazing! What are you going to do with your hands?”

The guy says, “Hold them over my ears. I can’t stand the noise.”

What does this joke have to do with the coronacrisis?

Buggered if I know.

Obie and out.


12 April 2020, Oz Time

Watched the controversial flick The Hunt tonight. Found it quite entertaining. It moves as fast as a funny car and has enough twist and turns to give you whiplash. My favorite part is when a racist podcaster blows up a Paki killer by stuffing a hand grenade down the front of his trousers.

The film gulls the viewer into thinking that its kickass heroine is a white supremacist, but then pulls a major switcheroonie in the climactic scene. Ironically, its message is one of white supremacy, but only if the supremacists are female and don’t hold the views of the gun-happy bigots gruesomely dispatched throughout it by heavily armed social justice warriors.

Obie and out.


13 April 2020, Oz Time

Yesterday, in the dead of night, some bloke who’s watched one David Icke video too many scaled a mobile phone tower in Kyabram, a country town in Victoria, and tied a swastika flag and two Chinese flags to it. He’d written COVID-19 on each flag.

If you’re expecting me to make sense of what he did, then you’ve come to the wrong corona diary. I wouldn’t have a bloody clue. Is he trying to tell us that the coronavirus is grown in China and spread by 5G Western tech? If so, then what part does the Nazi flag have to play in his message? Would he have us believe that fascists are behind the pandemic? Or is he just letting the dogooders who got the same billowing symbol removed from a different country town in Victoria a few months ago know that you can’t keep a good Nazi flag down?

I’m convinced that the deadliest threat to white man isn’t coronavirus, 5G, or the Jews. It’s a glut of conspiracy theories. If I hear another razzin-frazzin one, my head’s gonna go kablooey like in the opening scene of Scanners.

By the way, if anyone needs an accomplished crisis actor or extra in a targeted individual pysop, please get in touch with me via a brain-to-brain link.

Obie and out.

(apricot 127, apricot 127)


14 April 2020, Oz Time

Not much to report today, folks, but I do have a riddle for you.

What do you get if you cross the coronavirus with the common cold?

The common cold!

Obie and out.


15 April 2020, Oz Time

It was reported on A Current Affair tonight that the government may consider introducing a law, making it illegal for anyone to question the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. When the time comes for us to be injected with whatever giddy concoction is supposed to ward off the light-and-easy flu, we’re supposed to take our medicine like good little boys and girls.

To Satan’s realm with that!

I’m no good little boy—or girl if you buy what some of my more eccentric detractors have to say about me. Bill Gates ain’t deadening my immune system with his home brew. I refuse to be vaccinated.

I can’t tell you at this stage what the precise ramifications of this will be for me, but I suspect they’ll involve my hurriedly adopting an itinerant lifestyle and donning a black beret and face grease so I can break into government installations, undetected.

Obie and Hogan’s Heroes.


16 April 2020, Oz Time

Isabel Lucas, one of the stars of Home and Away, has lost a charity gig because she prefers natural alternatives to hypodermic needles loaded with deadly nightshade. Good girl. Most charities pander to two-legged fauna from the Third World, anyway, so no great loss there.

Always his own bloke, AFL personality Sam Newman has been protesting the forced closure of Victoria’s golf courses. I must say I’ve never understood what people see in golf. Now, carpet bowls, there’s a sport. Sam reckons man-made global warming is a scam and trannies shouldn’t stick their counterfeit organs where they’re not wanted. I like Sam.

Obie and out.


17 April 2020, Oz Time

The latest news is that Prime Minister Scomo is tossing up whether to ease social-distancing restrictions in the next few weeks.

I don’t think he should. As a matter of fact, I think he should increase them dramatically. For example, all non-whites, sambos and Jewboys especially, should be forced to maintain a distance of at least 1609 kilometers (1000 miles) from white Australians at all times.

As for (white) pedos, poofters, and convertibles, they may do whatever they please, provided they first swim nonstop from Port Phillip Bay to the coast of Tasmania, unassisted.

I might be homophobic, but I’m scrupulously fair.

Obie and out.


18 April 2020, Oz Time

No mass gatherings until 2021. That’s the news coming out of Canberra today. I’m betting that Brenton Tarrant is mighty pleased he conducted his first-person shooter rampage before the common coronavirus reared its antisocial head. How would he have gotten on trying to pick off all those Muzzies during self-isolation? He would’ve had to disguise himself as a halal pizza delivery drone.

You know, it’s hard, damned hard being a stay-at-home Nazi. With so much time for introspection, I’m starting to think I might be racist.

Obie and out.


19 April 2020, Oz Time

The government has copped a heartening backlash over its plan to “encourage” us to download a coronavirus tracking app on our mobile phones. The app would enable our nosy overseers to keep tabs on us 24/7. We’re told that the lockdown will be lifted earlier if we use the app. An unconfirmed rumor has it that the government will further sweeten the deal by giving everyone who downloads the app a free vaccination autographed by Bill “Trust Me, I’m a Jew” Gates. But Aussies are fast losing their patience with the government’s incessant push to pervade and control every aspect of their lives. There’s only so much self-isolating, social-distancing, and sneeze-suppressing a body can take. There’s even been something of a backlash against the idea of a vaccine being able to make life worth living again, as an increasing number of Aussies are starting to suspect that anti-vaxxers could be right. Appointing a creepy, spotted nerd like Gates as the spokesperson for a universal jab wasn’t exactly a public relations masterstroke.

Obie and out.


20 April 2020, Oz Time

No pubs to open for another four months. That’s terrible news for alkies. Terrible news for your blogger too, since I’m quite partial to pub grub. Booze isn’t my thing, but fish and chips in beer batter sure is. Serve up a plate of that to me, along with a side order of garlic bread with cheese, and I’m the happiest white supremacist on Earth.

Don’t give me that rot about veganism. There’s no such animal as a happy vegan. That’s why vegans are always trying to convert others to their crappy lifestyle. They figure that if they have to be miserable, everybody else should be too.

Obie and stuffing my face with a steak sandwich.


21 April 2020, Oz Time

Some woman with an IQ of minus 12 posted this on Facebook:


selling of excess toilt paper that I no longer need. All new sealed in packaging $20.00 pack of 18 FIRM. Located near Moryafield shops. Don’t attack me for making sure my family was prepared for the panademic.

I bought 8 packs from her. What a bargain!

Obie and out.


22 April 2020, Oz Time

Scomo wants fellow world leaders to reform WHO, which he reckons hasn’t dealt with the Wuhan wog in a satisfactory manner. What did he expect from an organization headed by a simian? Competence? Anyway, if it were up to me, I’d start with a name change. WHO is a question that’s been asked long enough. It’s time for the answer: JEW.

Obie and out.


24 April 2020, Oz Time

No diary entry for yesterday. An article deadline loomed like a rogue wave over a rubber dinghy.

The latest news is that certain restrictions are to be lifted, while others will just keep rolling along. Like global warming, the coronavirus is here to stay. Even when the bug appears to have faded away—if it existed in the first place—medical authorities will blame other illnesses on it, as they do now, to keep the threat of a deadly pandemic ever-present in the public’s mind. Environmental scientists use the same tactic when they blame unusually cold weather on global warming. Fear must be maintained at all times because it begets a willingness to sacrifice civil liberties for peace and safety.

Peace and safety?

That has a prophetic ring to it.

Obie and out.


25 April 2020, Oz Time

It’s ANZAC Day today. ANZAC Day is the annual holiday when Aussies recognize the men who served and fought for their country in times of war. The wars weren’t righteous wars. It’s been more than a century since a righteous war was fought. But the men’s hearts were in the right place. They were brave chaps who made the terrible and in so many instances fatal mistake of believing the lies that Jew-beholden politicians told them.

The encouraging thing about ANZAC Day is that it’s more popular than ever, not with just us oldies but with the younger generation as well. And the vast majority of people, old and young, remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice are white. ANZAC Day is in a very real sense a day of white national pride. If it hadn’t become such a sacred occasion on the Australian calendar, the haters of our race would be doing everything in their power to eliminate it. But even they know when not to push their luck.

It was nice to see that the coronavirus prohibitions couldn’t stop lone bugle players and families from paying tribute to the fallen in the wee hours of this morning.

Obie and out.


26 April 2020, Oz Time

The government launched its COVIDSafe app today. Funny name, that. One could take it to mean that the COVID-19 virus is safe, as in harmless, or that the virus is in protective custody and thus no longer in danger. A better, more accurate name for it would be citizen-tracking app. But that’s just the Alex Jones in me talking. “THEY’RE TURNING THE FROGS GAY!!!”

The government expects the take-up rate for the app to be about 40 percent. Of course, what it really wants is a take-up rate of 100 percent. But that’s pie in the sky stuff. It wouldn’t achieve that rate even in a Mark-of-the-Beast scenario where we couldn’t work or eat unless we used the app or received a biochip implant that did the same job and more. The Internet–bless its digitized soul–has made at least some of the public too conspiracy savvy to accept that the government has our best interests at heart.

Obie and out.


27 April 2020, Oz Time

A guy in a surgical mask robbed a gold shop in Collins Street, Melbourne today.

Now, there’s a civic-minded crim for you.

Obie and out.


28 April 2020, Oz Time

Blustering doofus Ben Fordham, who hosts a 2GB radio show that gives listeners dysentery, got Coles and Woolworths to banish What Doctors Don’t Tell You, an alternative medicine magazine, from their shelves. Fordham reckons the mag promotes dangerous misinformation, conspiracy theories, and dodgy medical advice. All of which is media terminology for the truth.

As far as Fordham is concerned, mags like What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which has articles on natural cures for the coronavirus and other illnesses, are a deadly poison. And he’ll pour Drano down the throat of anyone who says different.

Memo to self: Buy a two-year subscription to What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Make it a three-year subscription.

Obie and out.


29 April 2020, Oz Time

Somebody the cops are eager to speak with sprayed “COVID-19 China die” on a chink family’s garage door in Knoxfield, Melbourne. If there’s one positive about the coronacrisis, it’s that more and more white Aussies are waking up to the Yellow Peril’s malignant presence here. The Chinese aren’t just bringing purportedly fatal viruses with them, they’re bringing something much, much worse: themselves. While many people see them as peaceable, law-abiding members of the community, the reality is they’re scheming, underhanded colonizers who bare their jaundiced fangs the second anyone draws attention to their duplicity.

Remember the flak Olympic swimmer Mack Horton copped when he protested Chinese swimmer Sun Yang’s drug cheating? It didn’t just end with the hundreds of abusive social media comments he received from Chinese Australians who still call China home. According to Horton’s family, vindictive chinks would bang pots and pans outside their home late at night, chuck pieces of broken glass in their pool, and flood their answering machine with death threats.

Think of the Chinese as slanty-eyed Jews (many of them are in fact Jews), and you will have an excellent idea of the serious threat they pose to us.

Obie and out.


30 April 2020, Oz Time

What is the hardest grocery item to find in a supermarket now?

Dry yeast powder. It’s scarcer than a pro-white TV series.

Dry yeast powder is important to me because it’s one of the key ingredients in the pizza I make every Saturday. The yeast produces an aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing fluffy crust. Life would have no meaning without pizzas with fluffy crusts. Know what I’m saying?

Self-isolating consumers have been snatching the precious powder off the shelves and using it to bake their own bread. With Saturday fast approaching, I’ve had to Google recipes for yeast-free pizzas. The most ubiquitous search result is a two-ingredient mix of self-raising flour and Greek yogurt. Ooh yuck! No, thank you! So I tried a different Google search, for yeast alternatives. The top result is baking soda and lemon. When blended they do the same job as the dry yeast and in a fraction of the time, plus they’re as easy to come by in supermarkets as family sized packs of potato chips. Hallelujah!

Coronacrisis still with us, but pizza crisis averted.

Obie and delivering hard-hitting news.


1 May 2020, Oz Time

Scomo keeps harping on about how the quickest way to get the government to lift the flu-variant restrictions is for everyone to download the COVIDSafe spy app. In other words, the restrictions are here to stay until the take-up of the app goes gangbusters. Social pressure is guaranteed to boost the take-up figure. With people suffering from self-isolation and social-distancing fatigue, those of us who refuse to use the app will become social pariahs, since we’ll be the ones preventing life from returning to normal.

Bloody white racists! They ruin everything!

Obie and out.


2 May 2020, Oz Time

Speaking of the last diary entry, in which I predicted the shaming and ostracizing of Aussies who didn’t and wouldn’t download the COVIDSpy app, take a gander at this opening salvo from an article by Angela Mollard posted today on

If you are not willing to join millions of Aussies in downloading the government’s new coronavirus tracing app, you’re just plain selfish.

But Angela was just getting her artillery warmed up:

And yet so many are suspicious and refusing to do the decent thing because of a delusional belief that their privacy may be compromised. Led by former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, who says he doesn’t want to be tracked by the government, they’re clearly willing to put warped self interest above others’ lives.

She winds up her merciless barrage by accusing people like your dear blogger of planting explosive charges under not only themselves but everyone else, or something to that effect:

To cite distrust of the government or threats to privacy as reasons not to download the app, is not only grossly self-important but a wilful act of self and collective sabotage.

I doubt that you’ll ever read this, Angela, but if you do, go and get stuffed, you pompous, brainwashed bitch!

Obie and still not downloading the COVIDSpy app.


3 May 2020, Oz Time

The government is going to cut back on immigration because of the coronacrisis. In future, it will let only tens of thousands of non-whites into the country rather than the hundreds of thousands it’s welcomed in the past. This might be something faintly reminiscent of good news if it wasn’t for the fact that millions of these foreign troops are already inside our borders. We see them every day on the street, in the supermarket, and in the workplace, if it still exists.

Too little, too late, Scomo.

Obie and out.


4 May 2020, Oz Time

The coronacrisis would be a lot more fun if COVID-19 turned the infected into cannibalistic zombies who fed upon only non-whites and anyone who loves Gogglebox.

Obie and out.


5 May 2020, Oz Time

In 1972 a small plane carrying a team of Uruguayan rugby players crash-landed in the Andes Mountains. Stranded in the freezing cold and with no food to sustain them, the survivors turned to cannibalism, feasting on the bodies of friends and family who perished in the crash to stay alive.

The moral of the story?

Big Macs aren’t all that bad.

Obie and out.


6 May 2020, Oz Time

No much has been happening lately on the Coronacrisis front, so I’m only going to add new diary entries when something particularly dire, wacky, or outrageous happens.

Obie and out.