A selection of Christian Identity websites. I’m happy to add others to the list, but won’t if they preach outright heresy, update only when Halley’s Comet is visible to the naked eye, or appear to be designed by a taste-tester for a Colombian drug cartel. As some of these sites have been banned by Australian ISPs at the behest of free speech advocates in Canberra, Aussie readers may have to use a VPN to access them. I strongly recommend using a VPN, anyway. One that doesn’t keep a log of the sites you visit.

Age of Laodicea

Aryan Israel

British Christian History

Christian Identity Australia (Top-notch site!)

Christian Identity Ministries

Church of Israel

Dogter Van Sion (Boer Nation in Dutch)

Esau Today

Riksavisen (Norwegian and English)

Your Biblical Heritage