Jeromy Visser: A Blameless Bishop? (Updated)

I’ve placed the following two screenshots before the article just to give anyone still under the strong delusion that Jeromy Visser is a Christian man undeniable proof that he is of the devil.

In this first one, posting in the Eurofolk chat room as eli214 so people will mistake him for Eli James, whose username is eli124, he pronounces the “suicide” and “death-bed repudiation of Christian Identity” of Pastor Steve Anderson.

In this second screenshot, posting on his forum under the name of Seedliner, he “confirms” the above pronouncement.

And now for the article proper:

Doctor of slander and master of sockpuppetry Jeromy Visser claims that his is the only genuine Christian Identity ministry and that he is the only genuine Christian Identity pastor. He doesn’t actually believe these claims. He’s crazy but he’s not that crazy. However, he knows that if he can convince enough of the more gullible members of the CI community that he is Yahweh’s nearest and dearest preacher, he’ll be able to put Uber Eats on speed dial.

Visser’s go-to Scripture for establishing—or attempting to establish—his DSCI (Dual-Seedline Christian Identity) bona fides is 1 Timothy 3:2, A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach. I’ve highlighted the first part of the verse because that’s the only part Visser ever quotes. While he might meet the husband-of-one-wife requirement, he doesn’t meet the others, so he simply ignores them, as well as those in verses three to seven of the same chapter. Only someone unaware of Visser’s often sexually florid trash-talking—he once threatened to baptize me in his semen—or foolish enough to overlook it in the unscriptural belief that expounding the CI message cleanses the expounder of all sin could possibly think he meets the good behavior requirement. To be a blameless bishop, one must meet all the requirements. Yahweh doesn’t give us the option of cherry-picking them.

Christian Identists [read: Christians] who fall afoul of Visser can expect to be called falsely Jews, pedophiles, homosexuals, and FBI agents with a thing for entrapment, not just by the “Blameless Bishop” himself but by a legion of web-based detractors who will suddenly appear out of nowhere, employing the exact same obloquy as he.

Ray Bunzow, a Christian Identity pastor, experienced this curious phenomenon after inheriting the late Pastor James Wickstrom’s ministry, which Visser insisted had been bequeathed to him. Bunzow documents his hassles with Visser in this video:

Such was Visser’s hissy fitting over losing out on “Wick’s” potentially money-spinning ministry that he concocted a news article “verifying” Bunzow’s alleged (by Visser) predilection for kiddy-fiddling. The URL in the image below, which points out that this is Bunzow’s third sodomy charge, leads to proof in the form of an error message. Note that the reporter goes out of his way to stress that it was Bunzow alone who destroyed Wickstrom’s ministry. You can count on Scoop Visser to cover the waterfront.

Now, how do I know for certain that Visser posted the “article”? Because no one but Visser and his multiple online personalities, all of whom use the same syntax and phraseology, have ever accused Bunzow of being a pedophile.

What does the Bible have to say about liars?

Revelation 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

What does the Bible have to say about slanderers?

Proverbs 11:9
An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered

What does the Bible have to say about deceivers?

Psalm 101:7
He who works deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who tells lies shall not continue in my presence.

Would a biblically approved bishop lie, slander, and deceive as if it were as standard a practice to him as drawing breath? Nod your head with alacrity if you’re Pastor Jeromy Visser.

I guested on an episode of Jonathan Machtemes’ Obry Projekt. After the show, the “Blameless Bishop” stormed the comments section under a couple of different names including, incredibly, that of the man he swears is a pedophile, and demonstrated why his CI ministry is the only one worthy of your time and money. But especially your money.

Visser posting as the man he reckons is a pedophile.

Visser is referring here to my old avatar image, which is of me as a 12-year-old. He knows it’s a pic of me because years ago, when I had the appalling misfortune of co-hosting a podcast with him, I told him it was. Apparently, I am the only “pedophile” in history who molests himself.

The topic of discussion for the show was the abduction and in many cases murder of white men in wilderness and urban areas of the United States and elsewhere in the world. I theorized that Jews were the likeliest culprits. Visser theorized that Yahweh was.

Visser posting as Jimmi Jones.

In the following screenshot, Visser disavows Christian Identity.

Visser, posting as Jimmi Jones, disavows CI.

But in this next one, taken of a post on his forum, he declares his love for it. Hey, it’s a double-minded man’s right to change his mind.

Two thirds of the people who post on Visser’s forum are in fact Visser. This goes for most of the forum’s regulars, such as K-2, seedliner, Joe, and BUZZBOMB. These fabricated chips off the old block serve two purposes. First, they enable him to dupe the unwitting into thinking he has plenty of corroboration for his slander and thus must be telling the truth. And second, they give prospective tithers the impression his forum is a happening hangout where fellowship and validation abound.

In the next series of screenshots, Visser, posting as himself and then not as himself, achieves comedy glory with some alternating assessments of his “best friend”.

Visser loves Wickstrom:

Visser loves Wickstrom.

Visser loves Wickstrom not:

Visser hates Wickstrom.
Visser loves Wickstrom:

Visser loves Wickstrom.
Visser loves Wickstrom not:

Visser is partly motivated by his love of money and loathing of work. When his coffer starts to run low, he’ll compel his followers to refill it by threatening to expunge his forum or stop “Godcasting”, or he’ll rebuke them for being tightfisted bastards. (Serves the tightfisted bastards right if you ask me.) He’s even been known to creatively reinterpret Scripture to boost his cash reserves. Yahweh doesn’t mind, though, because he’s married with children.

So many damned horseleeches.

But when all else fails, Visser will dial up the shame-and-pity meter until it explodes with a resounding BOIIIINNNNG!

Pastor Visse is piss poor.

There’s also a genetic driving force behind Visser’s misdeeds. One need only glance at a happy snap of the bloke to see that diversity enriches his DNA.

Could Visser be a Hittite?

With his sky-high cheekbones, strung-out eye sockets, and swept-back cranium, the Dirty South’s most blameless bishop would fit right in playing Jew’s harp at a Hittite hootenanny. This fact alone excludes him from holding any form of Christian office, for not only must a bishop be blameless, he must also be white.


I’m sad to report that Pastor Visser is in hospital after being involved in a shocking car accident. He’s in such a bad way that he barely has the strength to ask people for money. Here is the latest on the situation from his (new) forum’s admin.  Any resemblance between the admin and Visser himself is purely a figment of a wicked, overly suspicious imagination.


From the old forum comes this random collection of posts highlighting the oily shenanigans of one Pastor Jeromy Viscous:

With his investment in Yahweh’s Truth failing to pay dividends, Visser was forced to return to panhandling online.

How many ingrates failed to give Visser what they duly owed him? This many!

Maybe it’s Visser’s happy cigarettes doing all the writing, but 700+ hundred? Does he mean more than 700, or more than 700 x 100, which would make it 70,000? If it’s the latter, then no wonder he’s dumbfounded. Don’t these thousands upon thousands of insensitive bastards know he hasn’t eaten in two and a half hours?


I had the misfortune of hosting a podcast with Visser a decade ago, before I saw the wolf beneath the sheep’s clothing. On one edition of the podcast, a guy called Paul Demsky outed himself as a Jew. I gave him strict instructions not to call into the show ever again. But call in he did when I was not there. Knowing full well that Demsky was a son of Satan, Visser would have friendly chats with him, sometimes for up to half an hour at a time. I had to threaten to leave the show to get Visser to stop casting pearls before the swine. Fast forward a couple of years, after being exposed as something of a swine himself, Visser called into the self-admitted Jew’s podcast and ordained him and another Jew, Peter Goodman, aka Newsguy:


This is an audio grab of Demsky praising the “only true Dual-Seedline Christian Identity preacher”:


It seems Visser’s recollection of Demsky’s Jewishness is a little on the hazy side. Permit me to refresh your memory, Pastor Jeromy. Here is an audio grab of Demsky admitting, yet again, he’s a Jew, during a chat with your spiritual advisor, Marty “Just Because You’re CI Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Love Kikes” Lindstedt, on his TalkShoe podcast, “Anything Goes.”


In breaking, tragic news, Visser is more broke and desolate now than he was the last time he was broke and desolate. This time he’s completely broke and desolate, whereas last time he was just mostly broke and desolate.


In keeping with his forum’s proud motto of a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, Visser has returned to his Wickstrom-was-a-great-guy-oh-no-he-wasn’t shtick. This is him posting as BUZZBOMB:

This is him posting as admin:

A word to the witless, Jeromy. If you’re going to slander someone by calling him a homosexual, then your slander must be consistent; otherwise, it defeats the whole point of the exercise. For example, in the following comment you posted on BitChute, you call me a homo, then a few sentences later accuse me of lusting after women. So am I a fag or a sex-mad hetero? Make up your mind!



  • Wow I remember that guy from my old Stormfront Theology Subforum days 10 or 15 years ago. I had completely forgotten about him until i read this post.

    He was always a big champion of legalizing marijuana back then. I always argued that it was a Commy hippy drug and always will be.

    It turns men into apathetic lazy pacifists weak in both mind and body. If the Babylonian Idumean Khazar parasites had their way it would be mandatory for all goyim in much the same way that the Gates Foundation pushes governments to institute mandatory vaccines.

    From the looks of that photo however I think he graduated beyond the gateway drug a long time ago. Hes lookin rough.

  • I remember on the old blog and your excerpts of emails from Visser to you. He is a very sick puppy. A carbuncle on the butt of CI. His unending references to homosex are troubling to say the least.

  • So now I finally see actual pics of Visser. OMG. Are you effing kidding me? That is no pastor of anything. He looks like some filthy outlaw biker, or maybe an ANTIFA dirtbag. Seriously.

  • Bunzow seems like a good man. Gotta finish watching that vid when I have more time.

    The state of Visser’s teeth can be explained by meth use, in my opinion. And the ponytail……what’s up with that?!

  • Interesting character and not in a good way. Based on his words and deeds I agree that he is prolly working for the enemy.

  • I live in the same state and have spoken with Visser and was on his site. My mother said if you can’t say something good about a man, then say nothing at all. Where I live, they call the guy Geronimo. We still have a Christian Identity church in the metro-Atlanta area, so we aren’t sweating a guy that bans people off his site for questioning his infallibility.

  • This jewemy jewronomo hisser character is a disgusting filthy degenerate mamzer bastard, he is a Heinz 57 varieties urinal of dna, you can tell that just by looking at him and those who can’t see that have zero discernment.

  • I recognize his name! Definitely remember reading something bad about Vissor on the net from a CI guy on Faceberg who was def the real deal. Maybe 2 years ago? I am so sick of the scammers, kikes and feds trying to undermine our cause and message.

  • I guess my question is; how can you “steal” the truth? Once you find the truth you want it to spread like wildfire. Why would it upset you that people are spreading the “Good News”?
    And from the lectures I’ve watched of Wickstrom, he always says to share his work, just as long as you don’t clip it out of context.

  • Mr. Visser does not act or look like a legitimate CI pastor. Or even a CI adherent. So the question is: Is he just a weird-o in our midst, or a poser working for our enemies, or both?

    • My guess would be both. He has turned his forum into a ghetto twice now, so he is literally paying to talk to himself. He must be on someone’s pay roll otherwise why do it at all? Let’s be honest: if he shut down tomorrow, there is nobody who would even notice… least of all care.

  • This is a great article. He is a truly hateful bird, and it is good to see him called out. Truth is, his only good shows were with Obie!

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