Crazy Councillor Calls for Canning Crackers!

No. Not us crackers, firecrackers. You know, fireworks? Although give it a few years and deranged Bolshie bitches like Melbourne city councillor Jackie Watts will be calling for banning Nazis like you and me from Red Chinese Melbourne to boot. And we can take our spiked helmets with us!


A City of Melbourne councillor is calling for fireworks in the CBD to be ditched, and it seems she’s got a lot of support.

Councillor Jackie Watts has been campaigning for an end to the fireworks for years, and says her reasons are twofold.

“We can take care of the environment, given we are a city that has just recognised that we are in a climate emergency . . .

Fireworks have delighted us since we’ve been kids, but we’ve grown up now. We’ve got bushfires all over the nation, we’ve got air quality that is in dire straits in many of our cities.”

Uh, yeah. Right. Because we all know that fireworks contribute greatly to air pollution. We also know that fireworks cause more bushfires than firebugs and lightning strikes combined.

For those readers wondering if this leftist insanity will ever end, here’s a happy snap of Councillor Watts.