The Last White Superheroes, Chapter 16

“Thanks for the Memories”, the latest chapter in the saga of The Last White Superheroes, is now available for your downloading pleasure. A word of warning: this chapter has adult content.

Face awash in tirade red, Keane paced and postured in front of his studio desk, while a token female co-host, a sexy brunette, watched in bemusement and with a tinge of embarrassment from behind it. “The globalists think they can stop us! The satanic, baby-raping Skeksis think they can stop this worldwide revolution to end their diabolical tyranny! But they can’t! You hear me?! They can’t! This people-led, God-anointed movement is too strong, too powerful for the forces of Hell to defeat it! We’ll crush the oligarchs and the Bilderbergers and the pedophile elite beneath our feet just like this!” Keane stamped the floor with his foot, as if squishing a bug, and twisted it back and forth. “Raaaaaaarrrgh! Take that, you demon bastards!” He jumped up and down maniacally to finish the job. “Raaaaaaarrrgh! Raaaaaaarrrgh! RAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!”