I (Obie) believe:

1. That the white European people, Britons, Americans, Germans, Australians, et al., are the Hebrews/Israelites of the Bible and are the biological sons and daughters of the living God.

2. That the people known today as Jews are imposters masquerading as God’s chosen people and are the biological children of the Devil.

3. That Christianity is a religion for racially pure whites exclusively. Christ said that He came only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, all of the members of which were and are white. There is no epistle in the New Testament written to any group of non-white people.

4. That the tiniest amount of non-white DNA in our genetic composition is more than enough for us to be rejected by God for being racially mixed. Scripture does not support the heretical belief that we can be 95 percent or even 99 percent white and still be acceptable to God. A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

5. That the Bible was written to members of the Adamic race and to Israelites in particular, so when it uses language like every creature and all men, it means “every white person” and “all white men,” not every man and woman on earth. Universalism, which teaches that the promises and covenants in the Bible apply to all races and is embraced by most nominally Christian churches, is a false doctrine.

6. That every tribe of Israel will be saved, but not every Israelite will be. Being of pure Adamic stock in and of itself is no guarantee that we will enter God’s rest. Like Esau, we can lose our eternal salvation for disobeying God. John warns that to hate a brother is akin to murder, and that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. The view that even recalcitrant Israelites will live forever because Daniel writes of their being raised to shame and everlasting contempt is specious, for in the same verse he differentiates between them and those Israelites raised to eternal life. God is forever merciful, but it is highly doubtful that He will show mercy toward diehard antichrists and child molesters, making them spend eternity in the spiritual equivalent of dunce caps. People such as these will be cast into the (metaphorical) lake of fire. As to what everlasting contempt is, the Bible doesn’t say, but it is most likely that held by God and His saints for those white people who spurned the eternal glory that had been offered them.

7. That full immersion water baptism, though not a prerequisite for eternal salvation, is a public sign of a good conscience toward God. The contention that water baptism is nothing more than a pagan ritual is not a valid one. Christ was baptized, as was the Apostle Paul and many other saints. Why on such a momentous occasion in Church history as the Day of Pentecost would Peter, filled with the Holy Ghost and fire, stand before the crowd of faithful and tell them to engage in a pagan ritual?

8. That there is no hell, as it is traditionally known, where sinners must spend eternity in unimaginable physical and spiritual torment. When God eliminates the wicked, He will simply snuff out their spirit and they will be no more.

9. That a supernatural Satan exists. There are instances in Scripture where the word Satan is used in reference to flesh and blood people, and there can be no doubt that the Jews are a kind of collective Satan, but there are also instances where a supernatural entity, the same one who tempted Eve, is being referred to.

10. That a man is to be married to one woman only, which is why God didn’t create two or more mates for Adam. Marriage between one man and one woman was His perfect will for Adam and Eve then and is His perfect will for us now. Polygamy caused the patriarchs no end of problems. That many of them adopted this practice should not be seen as a biblical endorsement of it. David plotted an innocent man’s death after having sex with his wife. Should we follow David’s example because he was a patriarch? Proverbs tells us that it is a good thing for a man to find a wife, wife singular. If finding multiple wives were as good as or even better than finding one wife, Proverbs or some other book in the Bible would surely tell us so.

11. That God’s name is Yahweh. God is what He is, but Yahweh is who He is. Similarly Jesus Christ’s name is Yahshua. Christ is a title, not a surname, and Jesus is a transliteration of the Greek Iesous, which itself is a transliteration of Yehoshuah, the Hebrew word for Joshua. None of us will be cast into outer darkness for addressing Yahweh and Yahshua by their more commonly used appellations. Even this forum uses those terms from time to time, especially in something like this statement of faith, which is aimed at readers who haven’t yet converted to Christian Identity and might be puzzled by the correct but more foreign-looking terms. But just as we prefer to be addressed by our proper names, Yahweh and Yahshua prefer to be addressed by theirs.

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