Armenian Jew Gladys Berejiklian Tells It Like It Is

I’ve included a back-up video just in case (((they))) disappear the YouTube clip.

  • Can hardly believe what I just watched. Thanks for bringing this anti-human to my attention. As ugly on the outside as “she” is on the inside. The very personification of why we hate them.

  • This is an awesome satirical video.
    I first saw it when it came out over a year ago, and immediately saved it.
    Everyone should immediately save controversial videos as soon as they come across them on YT, Twitter, Bitchute etc, as (((they))) are so busy deleting incriminating book and video evidence, and ESPECIALLY SATIRE like this as it is so effective at waking the goyim up.
    It is very wise to have copies on your own server, CIA.
    All power to the video creator and the Creator, lol.

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