• Damn, Obie, I’m a working on it!!!!!! Obie, one thought comes to mind talking to an Aussie : Of all the English races (I, as you, being 100% British, 3/4 English 1/4 Welsh) we, damned near unanimously concur, maybe we’re wrong, that you Aussies are the toughest bunch of S. Ó. B. s in the whole “WHITE MAN’S WORLD(LOL, used to be the WHITE MAN’S WORLD) So what in YAHWEH’S GRED BIG WORLD SO OBSCURED YOUR REASON THAT Y’ALL VOLUNTARILY TURNED IN YOUR GUNS (Damn, Obie, you talk about the imminent danger of China. What in the name of YAHWEH were your Cynn thinking about!!!!!!!

    • The short answer to your question, mate, is we sinned. Not just once but many times, over a long period. After WWII, we let ourselves grow soft and complacent, and we gradually forgot the Lord, both in our public and private lives. This made us sitting ducks for Jewish anti-white programs, one of which was to disarm us. There was never much of a gun culture in Australia to begin with, and with the right to bear arms absent from our constitution, it was a relatively easy thing for our government to divest us of our firearms–those of us who actually owned them.

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