CIOz #7: Thank You, Wogs! Thank You!

Italians, Greeks (who still aren’t white), anime, green concrete, The Daily Stormer, and the Oz news media all incur my unbridled waffling in this dreadfully rambling edition. Musical guests: Alice Cooper, Santo Cilauro, and the Ted Mulry Gang. (Originally published on The Christian Identity Forum, 18 February 2017.)



  • Hate to break it to you, but anyone living near the equator will have tanned orange skin, but this doesn’t change one’s ancestry. Facial features, hair/eye colour, and most importantly- our fruits- are what make us Adamic. Of course we know the Israelites describe themselves as ruddy, which they were, but this is not the only indicator.

    The Egyptians had, not brown, but orange-reddish skin (especially the men), but they were clearly caucasian and DNA, art and mummies prove this (red hair, blue eyed statues, etc. just like Mesopotamia). There are ruddy asians, yet they are nothing like us.

    Stop hating on other European Christians. While certainly a small amount of Arab blood made it into Sicily, Spain and Greece, it was NOWHERE near the amount that mongrelized and destroyed north Africa, the middle east and Persia. Not saying we should all mix with Greeks, but they are still our brothers. Greeks are not close to Arabs, Arabs are simply mixed with old caucasians and that’s why some of these Arabs look “Med’.

    Also, take a look at some old Etruscan and Minoan art. Once again, the men are coloured orange- it’s because of their exposure to sun. Later art from Rome and Greece also show this motif. Yet they are still white. Stop with this divide and conquer nonsense! And your rant on anime was just cringe.

    • The only people I’ve ever seen with orange skin, “Clarence”, have got themselves a spray-on tan. No one on planet Earth has orange skin. Unless you’re confusing orange with olive. Wogs of the Italian and Greek variety have olive skin. This is because they’re racially mixed, owing to the non-white incursions into their lands hundreds of years ago.

      One must be of the pure white race to be Adamic and an Israelite. Emphasis on pure. Anyone with even the smallest trace of non-white DNA isn’t white. Not as far as God is concerned. It’s our untainted DNA that makes us Adamic and nothing else. Wogs can perform all the good works they want, but wogs, barred forever from the Kingdom of Heaven, they will remain.

      I have never seen one pure white Italian or Greek in Australia, and, sadly, we have hundreds of thousands of the bastards living here, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t buy into your small-amount-of-Arab-blood theory. Wogs have Arab, nigger, and even Jewish blood in many cases. It’s this horrid mix of diabolical DNA that makes them so pushy, greedy, and untrustworthy. Anyone who’s had the misfortune of dealing or working with wogs as I have knows this to be true.

      Modern-day Italians, except those of Lombard descent, and Greeks are as far removed racially from ancient Italians and Greeks as modern-day Egyptians are from ancient Egyptians, who, before they mixed with Nubians, were white. Ancient art and literature confirms this. Homer wrote of blond , blue-eyed Greeks with alabaster skin. Try finding any of them in Greece or Melbourne, Australia today.

      Stop watching anime porn.

      Some reading material for white people and non-trolls only:

    • Almost all of South Eastern Europe including most Italians (save for the Northern Lombard Italians who are Germanic) are not White, it is not their skin tone alone that we have contention with, their overall swarthy complexion and features, their behaviour, and most importantly their fruits (or lack of in the case of the modern Greek civilisation) the mongrelisation of what was once a White people who created the cradle of civilisation is what is behind their regression and stagnation as a nation ever since, you clearly have eyes yet you don’t see.

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