CIOz Special #1: Laura-Phares Wilson, She-Wolf

Is Laura-Phares Wilson’s burning yearning to preach to men Scriptural? I say thee nay! (Originally published on The Christian Identity Forum, 3 May 2015.)


NB: Wilson hosted a podcast on the Eurofolk Radio Network, but was shown the door when it was revealed her husband is part Amerindian, something she confirms on this edition of Spingola Speaks. Yet there she was on Eurofolk, ostensibly preaching Christian Identity, a belief system that demands white racial purity (because God does). It just goes to show that wolves come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes.

  • Just like normal of course, Joey Putz-November (Eli James) pretends that nothing happened. The track record of that poxed, poisoned dwarf is pretty bad. He either is the worst judge of character of all time, or else… he does it on purpose? He’d open the door to blacks on EFR if they speak out against you-know-who.

    I agree with you though about Laura Esau-Wilson. Women have no place to teach; least of all in C.I.

    I hope you are having a good new year, Obie. The new site looks great. YHWH bless.

    • Eli hasn’t got the pox and he’s not a midget, unless someone three inches shy of six feet is now regarded as abnormally small, but I do agree that he’s made some questionable decisions, especially for a guy who names the name of Christian Identity.

      He should never have given Wilson that preaching gig on EFR, which was a clear violation of Yahweh’s law. One can argue all one likes about the real meaning/context of Paul’s directive that women are to keep silent in Church, but the fact remains that, even as far back as the Book of Genesis, Yahweh ordained men to have authority over women. Putting a woman behind a pulpit, or in this instance a microphone, like a CI version of Joyce Meyer, undermines that authority. That Wilson turned out to be a she-wolf came as no surprise to anyone but Eli.

      Then there’s the time he told a non-white Mexican that he (the Mexican) could become a Christian. Chapter and verse for that one, please, Mr. James. And all the occasions when he’s reached out to non-whites on their podcasts in the hope of making their people less inclined to harm ours. Granted, Eli’s intentions were noble; however, Christ commands us to preach the Gospel to Israelites only and not to cast our pearls before swine, i.e. persons not of our race. Eli has broken these commandments too many times to count.

      • Joe November makes many claims, most of which can be proved as lies. How do you know how tall he is beyond what he claims? Have you met him? Nah, you are only parroting what he said. He is around 5′ 4″ according to Bill Finck. He is also riddled with Vitiligo, which is a non-white disease. So yes, he is poxed. Face-to-face he is a very different person from what you hear on the radio. Look him in the eyes and you’ll see him trying to figure out what you are thinking. I have met him on three occasions in the last twelve years, and I claim to be the expert in this case.

        • Even if he is 5’4″ so what? There a plenty of short pure white people.

          Vitiligo is a non-white disease? Not according to the US National Library of medicine it isn’t:

          Vitiligo is a common disorder, affecting between 0.5 percent and 1 percent of the population worldwide. While the condition may be more noticeable in dark-skinned people, it occurs with similar frequency in all ethnic groups.

          If you’ve met Eli on three different occasions, you’re going to have to furnish proof of this, since right now you’re coming across as an embittered troll who’s just flinging mud about, hoping some of it sticks.

  • Is it easy to cast stones at someone when they are not present to defend themselves. Accusing someone of being a “Feminist” when they are absolutely not a “Feminist” is a violation or transgression of the 9th Commandment and thus, you are BEARING A FALSE WITNESS AGAINST A PERSON. This is in the same list of “Law” as Thieves, Adulterers, Murderers, Idolaters, etc. It is not necessary for me to dissect and expose other errors in this verbal attack and the true disgrace here is that while our people are being bashed into the ground by the unclean, many of our people are turning away from Yahweh because “in fighting, criticizing and false witness” are the greatest tools the adversary uses to fragment our already broken people. I’ll be glad for Yahweh to be my judge. In the same methods used in secular Statutory Law to argue a point and perspective, the same is used to argue Yahweh’s Laws by men and women.

    • Quoting Bible law is an exercise in utter futility, Laura, when you’re shacking up with a non-white man. You’re violating that law with all your heart and mind, not to mention your physical being.

      • So, you know for a fact that on each side of your ancestry for 10 generations back, there is only European people and not one of them has any Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek or Slavic ancestry (all mentioned are Mongrels)? Every American I have ever met who has ancestry past 60 years in North America has some American Indian ancestry INCLUDING every CI person I know. This animosity toward European Americans who have ancestry in North America is nothing short of hatred (which the Adversary enjoys) toward people who had no control over the actions of their ancestors. This very subject has caused a huge rift and done more damage than just about any other subject I have heard about (and the devil laughs in delight). Yahshua was asked by his Disciples if the Blind man at the Public Bath was blind due to his parent’s sins, Yahshua made it clear that such was not the case at all – and the blind man’s ancestry was not mentioned. People may not be able to enter the temple to worship based on their 10 generations of ancestry, but I have yet to see any scripture stating that such persons are cursed. In fact, since Bathsheba was “unclean” having been married to a Hittite, David had no problem committing sexual sin with her and David was condemned by Yahweh for murdering her “unclean” Hittite husband. Had THE LAW been fully obeyed, Bathsheba should have been stoned for having been an adulteress and David stoned for adultery and murder as well.
        It is really easy for some people to be puffed up full of pride and haughty (both Yahweh hates) and stand in judgement of people who had no control of what their ancestors have done.
        Is it fair to say that Yahweh loves those who operate in Humility and do not repeat the sins of their ancestors – having broken the cycle of sin – and live their lives in obedience to Yahweh versus those who stand “High and Mighty” inflated with pride and behaving like that angel who adored himself so much that he even tried to judge his Creator and overthrow Him?
        I would suppose at this point that you demand every person you have contact with provide you with their DNA test results from one of those “testing corporations” so you can be sure that you are communicating with a person who is 100% pure blood Israelite (and the results of their spouses tests as well), right? Probably not. But, instead of being kind to others and encouraging people to learn the Law, repent of transgressions and serve Yahweh because they love him so much, you may continue to stand on your “High and Mighty” pedestal YOU made out of bricks of pride and haughtiness while you condemn others who are encouraging people to learn Yahweh’s Law, Repent of their Transgressions and serve their Heavenly Father because they love Him with all their heart, soul and being. Good Luck with all that. We’ll have to see how all that works out for you. Meanwhile, we will keep you in our prayers as we do many, many others – in the same manner that Yahweh told Job to pray for his friends (who were blind in their errors).

        • My ancestry is, as far back as I can trace it, is white. Beyond that, I have the witness of the Spirit that I am of the pure white race, which I discuss in this article:

          Every CI person you know has Amerindian ancestry? LOL! Yeah right. And every Scandinavian I know can trace his ancestors back to jungle-dwelling pygmies. I’d love to know what all these miscegenated friends of yours are doing following a belief system that doesn’t permit mongrels in its ranks. Maybe you should tell them to become Jehovah’s Witnesses instead.

          Like the word “racist”, “hatred” is bandied about by Judeo-Christians and other apostates as though it’s always wrong to hate. There are many things we ought to hate from a biblical perspective—sin, falsehood, and the shedding of innocent blood, just to name a few. Race mixing is forbidden by Yahweh and is not condoned by Him anywhere in Scripture. He hates mongrels because they are not of His creation. The fact that they had no say in their genetic heritage does not mitigate His hatred. Jews didn’t ask to be born Jews, but Yahweh is still going to obliterate them. All of them. Should we love Jews because being Jewish is not their fault?

          Uriah was not a Hittite genetically. He would not have been permitted to marry Bathsheba, an Israelite, had he been born a Hittite. Moreover, Christ’s lineage would be forever tainted if she’d been a race mixer. The term “Kenite” originally denoted a member of the Kenite race. But then it evolved to also denote a silversmith. So one could be a Kenite by profession without being a Kenite by race. The term “Hittite” experienced a similar evolution. It originally denoted a biological Hittite but gradually expanded to also denote a fierce warrior, one who didn’t have to be a Hittite by race. That Uriah was one of David’s 37 mighty men corroborates this.

          Resorting to emotive arguments about love and infighting to support your specious assertions won’t get you anywhere with Yahweh. Christ said that if we love Him, we will obey His commandments. You continually flout the Bible’s many prohibitions against race-mixing. This means you neither love Christ, nor have anything but contempt for maintaining the purity of His Holy Race.

        • You must be a very, very lonely woman having so very few acquaintances. Everyone? My ancestors came to Virginia from Wales and England beginning back in 1650 when Oliver Cromwell permitted the sheenies to return to England. I’ve thoroughly researched my ancestry and every single one not only didn’t have Indian, or other such genetic rubbish in their blood but all were pure British stock. That isn’t sixty years that’s 370 years. Furthermore I’m from SW Georgia. The roots of the white people there all go back for hundreds of years. Guess what? Every single one had British surnames.
          I strongly suggest you expand your circle of acquaintances

      • So, a person can violate any commandment they want to and THAT’S OKAY as long as they claim someone else has violated some segment of another Law or Statute ? In other words, you can blatantly bear false witness against someone and that’s okay because that person is married to someone who has some American Indian ancestry in their family history? I thought Yahshua said that you should pull the log out of your own eye before you try to pull the splinter out of someone else’s eye. Maybe he meant that for everyone else on the earth with the exception of You, because you are more special than anyone else? Also, I have heard the most slanderous lies and false accusations come from Bill Finck’s mouth about other people, but I am assuming he is ABOVE Yahweh’s Law and the admonitions of Yahshua as you believe that you are too? Well, we certainly need not worry about The Adversary turning countless people away from Yahweh when we have just a handful like you. GOOD JOB !

        • So, a person can violate any commandment they want to and THAT’S OKAY as long as they claim someone else has violated some segment of another Law or Statute ?

          Isn’t that what you’re doing? You justify your being married to a non-white man by pointing out the perceived sins of others. You are the biblical definition of a hypocrite, lady.

          Also, I have heard the most slanderous lies and false accusations come from Bill Finck’s mouth

          Is my name Bill Finck? If you have a problem with Finck, take it up with him, as the Bible commands.

          Well, we certainly need not worry about The Adversary turning countless people away from Yahweh when we have just a handful like you. GOOD JOB !

          That is such a profound statement coming from an inveterate race mixer. How many people have you encouraged to hook up with non-whites through your blatant condoning of miscegenation?

  • ” Every American I have ever met who has ancestry past 60 years in North America has some American Indian ancestry INCLUDING every CI person I know. ”

    Honey, if you’re still lurking here, let me say your credibility is absolutely destroyed after making the above statement.

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