High Strangeness and the Tribe of Judah

I was a guest on the Obry Projekt, hosted by Jonathan Machtemes. We discussed the link between missing 411 cases and the smiley face murders and how it ties into the planned genocide of our race.

  • Greetings Obie, love your work. It’s delightfully, deliciously, politically incorrect, and deeply satisfying to the soul of this octogenarian. Only just managed to reconnect with you after long since thinking you’d been permanently banned from youtube or could even be in jail – heaven forbid. Not finished listening to your most interesting video yet, but wanted to send this message just in case I lose connection again as happened with other politically incorrect sites I’ve visited. May God bless and keep you. Barb.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Barbara.

      This is my new online home, so if ever you want to drop by for a visit, please do.

      May God bless and keep you too.

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