Meet The Daily Stormer’s New Spiritual Advisor

Claytons was a brand of non-alcoholic beer that was marketed in Oz during the ‘70s and ‘80s with the slogan “It’s the drink you have when you’re not having a drink.”

The Daily Stormer is the Claytons of White Nationalism. It’s the White Nationalism you have when you’re not having White Nationalism.

Whatever Andrew Anglin and his bullpen of anime-crazy scribes are promoting, it’s not the continuation of the white race. If they were, the site wouldn’t be polka-dotted with images of saucy, underaged waifus and articles excoriating all white women as duplicitous whores.

Asian babes good. White skanks bad. This is just one of the anti-white messages constantly disseminated by the world’s most-frequented hate site.

Another is that a non-white who espouses some white values is better and more authoritative than a white who espouses nothing but white values. Anglin’s fondness for these Earth-stranded aliens is legendary. Mincing Jew poofter Milo Yiannopolous, heaven’s gift to race-mixers Michelle Malkin, and the star of Death Wish VI: Jihad on Junkies, Rodrigo Duterte, are just some of the offworlders he’s championed.

But now he’s taken his love of outspoken colored folk beyond the mere physical and set it on high. High as in heavenly places.

Recently, he outlawed the word nigger on The Daily Stormer. Then, in a completely unrelated incident, one with omitted quotation marks, he appeared with the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson on The Krypto Report, a podcast hosted by Stormer stalwart and bigfoot-spotter Azzmador.

Peterson’s claim to fame?

He’s an outlawed word who says charitable things about whites. And he’s a philosophical genius. His profound observation that men need to be masculine, and women need to be feminine explains why black Hebrews believe Shakespeare had to use the segregated privy at the premiere of Macbeth.

Anglin and Azzmador gushed all over Peterson, who had to cut the three-way short to hose himself down. But the encounter lasted long enough for Anglin to message his marks. The message being that Spiritual Chocolate was now the Stormer’s official Christian mascot, counselor, and testosterone hander-outer.

White Nationalism just got a hell of a lot whiter.

God done call me an ape!

Prior to this meeting of the minds, Anglin was talking up Christianity on the Stormer like never before. Maybe he twigged that Odinists were a pack of stingy bastards. Or maybe he was making like John the Baptist and preparing his people for the prophesied arrival of the one who would lead them all to victory, which the Right Reverend Jesse Lee will surely do once he learns how to read a map.

Let’s see now.

Anglin whinges about plummeting white birth rates, yet demonizes white women while beatifying nubile Asians, who are just begging for some Aryan love.

Anglin bemoans the loss of Christian values in white society, calling for a return to the beliefs of our forefathers, yet invites a (with apologies to Mr. Anglin) nigger onto a Stormer podcast to instruct white men about their white God and whites-only religion.

Could an anti-white pattern of behavior be starting to emerge here?

What will Anglin do next? Let one of his scribes write a pro-pedophilia piece dressed up as a defense of free speech and the utter harmlessness of lolicon, i.e. Jap cartoon porn depicting underaged girls, some of them primary-school age, having sex?

Oh wait a minute. He’s already done that.

  • Anglin lost all credibility with me when more than once he referred to certain people as jews when they are not, and identified some murderous cretin as a black, when he actually was some sort of white-Asian Islander mix.

    Coincidentally, after not viewing his site for some time, I visited it today just to see what sort of nonsense was up these. In one article he wrote he came right out and said something like “It’s no wonder I hate women.” Then I think he elaborated on why he hates them. Yes, today many of them are feminists, multicult fans, and are working against our race’s best interests, I certainly can’t say I hate them all. I have daughters and sisters, for crying out loud.

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