Stopover in a Small Town

A bestselling liberal novelist discovers to his horror that not all small towns in America are equal.

This is a long short story I wrote. Normally, I’d post the full text online but haven’t done so in this instance as I’d have to spend at least a couple of hours reformatting it to WordPress’ liking. If you want to read it, you’ll have to download it. You have your choice of three formats: ePub, Kindle, and PDF. The story contains some bad language and a bit of gruesome violence.


NB: I’ll post the ePub and the Kindle files after I’ve got Scrivener (it’s a word processor for novelists) to format them properly. Still learning how to use the darn thing.


  • Wow! That was an intense story! There were so many moments where he had a chance to turn back, but like the rest of the west he ignored them. I have 3 sons and a daughter, all too young to have me read verbatim this story, but I still gave them the short version; “never relax”. What a sad state our people are in. Keep up the good fight!

  • Just read this story. Got the link from CFT. Outstanding work. I can think of a few white liberal loudmouths who would deserve the Stewart treatment.

  • Read this story last night as a PDF file but no way to comment. I Googled and now found this page. Nice work. I may try to mention this story on one or two other WN sites I peruse but not sure if they will publish when they see this is a CI site. But I’ll try.

    • Thanks for posting the link, mate.

      Chimpout would have to be one of the greatest online forums on Earth.

  • Looks like MR above saw my link on Christians For Truth. Good news. I have another widely-read “alt right” website (not Identity) where I intend to comment with link to “Stopover” as soon as there is an appropriate racialist article.

    • Thanks, mate.

      The next one is in the works. Should stir up some controversy on the left and the right (gulp!).

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