The Blog’s First Gripe Is In!

I’ve been hanging out for somebody to send me my first complaint since moving into this blog, and now I have it. This is both a gripe and a request for me to post a blog link. The griper is a bloke calling himself Elijah. Elijah might be the admin of the blog he wants me to link to or just a mischievous (half-bearded? kids at death’s door?) ratbag out to spark further infighting in this war-torn movement of ours. Whatever the case, I’ve omitted the name of the blog and its URL through sheer spite.

Elijah (bless his heart) writes:

As you are aware, I know you as a “troll” because you blocked me from your old site simply for asking a question about CSCS.

Here is a good site for your links list though:

Obie replies:

You assume much in your email, er, Elijah.

First, that I’m aware of banning you for daring to mention CSCS. It would help if I knew what the heck CSCS was. A cursory Google search revealed it stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Did I ban you for being a bodybuilder? Clear communication is the best communication.

Second, that you know me as a “troll.” I’m not sure why you put “troll” in quotes. Do you mean that you know me as a fake troll or someone who may not be a real troll but acts so much like one it’s hard for you to tell the difference. I’m confused, “Elijah.”

And third, that after having a go at me for kicking you out of my old forum and for being a, quote, troll, unquote, I’d want to promote your blog on mine. Surprisingly, I don’t.


Let this be a lesson to all those who come to this blog bearing link requests and nebulous grievances.

  • I don’t think this is Visser due to no scatalogical or gay references. But it could very well be one of his followers. Or just a generic troublemaker.

    • I am certain that Visser has no followers. I have Wireshark patches on his forum and his is the only IP that logs in. A for CSCS, I have no idea what that is either.

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