The Blog’s First Gripe Is In!

I’ve been hanging out for somebody to send me my first complaint since moving into this blog, and now I have it. This is both a gripe and a request for me to post a blog link. The griper is a bloke calling himself Elijah. Elijah might be the admin of the blog he wants me to link to or just a mischievous (half-bearded? kids at death’s door?) ratbag out to spark further infighting in this war-torn movement of ours. Whatever the case, I’ve omitted the name of the blog and its URL through sheer spite.

Elijah (bless his heart) writes:

As you are aware, I know you as a “troll” because you blocked me from your old site simply for asking a question about CSCS.

Here is a good site for your links list though:

Obie replies:

You assume much in your email, er, Elijah.

First, that I’m aware of banning you for daring to mention CSCS. It would help if I knew what the heck CSCS was. A cursory Google search revealed it stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Did I ban you for being a bodybuilder? Clear communication is the best communication.

Second, that you know me as a “troll.” I’m not sure why you put “troll” in quotes. Do you mean that you know me as a fake troll or someone who may not be a real troll but acts so much like one it’s hard for you to tell the difference. I’m confused, “Elijah.”

And third, that after having a go at me for kicking you out of my old forum and for being a, quote, troll, unquote, I’d want to promote your blog on mine. Surprisingly, I don’t.


Let this be a lesson to all those who come to this blog bearing link requests and nebulous grievances.

  • Obie! Glad to see you back on the interwebs. I’ll gripe because you don’t link to me. And, I’ll link to you anyways. I hope it’s not because you think I post blatant heresy! I noticed isn’t there either. Oh well – to each his own. But, it is still good to see you back. Bless you, Bro.

    • G’day, Mike, and bless your heart for linking to CIA. You know, Christian Identity Australia seemed like such a great name for a blog until one day I abbreviated it.

      I believe I used to link to your site on the old forum but, from memory, deleted the link and those to a galaxy of other sites hosted by William Finck because he in all his wisdom saw fit to reward anyone who clicked on them with an error message.

      I had a falling out with the bloke. This granted him full immunity from being charged with immaturity and calling me an ass clown.

      If however your site isn’t part of Galaxy Bill, then I’ll have to put its absence from the list down to sheer thoughtlessness on my part. In any event, you’ve made the list. Congrats.

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