CIOz #9: A Place for White Aussies to Dwell

In this disgracefully overdue edition of the show, I discuss a truly unremarkable instance of Jewish hypocrisy, where in Australia should whites live, and the right way, and the wrong way, to go about establishing a white community here. And I’m going to play a forgotten Oz rock classic. So there! Special shout-out to the immortal Craig Cobb for his awesome contribution to this Christian Identity podcast. Musical guests: David Essex and The Dingoes. (Originally published on the Christian Identity Forum, 7 November 2018.)



The Two Seedlines

Who Is Esau-Edom?

An Open Letter to Any Minister Who Teaches the Jews Are Israel

Tracing Our Ancestors

The Covenant People

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

  • Great pods!! I’ve just discovered your pods, although I’ve been downloading pdfs here a long time. Obviously you are most sincere in spreading YAHWEH’S WORD, and clearly aren’t a glory hound. It’s refreshing to hear a C. I. man not calling other C. I rs Jew, faggot and child molesters. I’ll be listening daily now. YAHWEH bless you. From your British race brother whose ancestors have been here since 1650

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